Secure Storage Solutions for IT Equipment

Secure Storage Solutions for IT Equipment: Rates and Policies

Our premier storage facility offers secure, climate-controlled spaces equipped with comprehensive video surveillance, ensuring the highest level of safety and preservation for your IT equipment, including laptops, micro PCs, hard drives, access keys, and other critical components awaiting rollout. It's important to note that while we specialize in storing IT equipment, we do not accommodate hazardous materials (hazmat) to maintain a safe and compliant environment.

Complimentary Storage Offer:

Understanding the varying needs of our clients, we provide up to 0.25 square feet of storage space at no charge for up to 6 months. This complimentary service is designed for clients needing temporary storage solutions for small quantities of IT equipment without incurring immediate costs.

Structured Storage Fee:

Beyond the complimentary offer, our storage fee structure is as follows:

  • Initial Fee: A one-time fee of $25 is applied at the commencement of the storage term.
  • Short-Term Storage (<6 months): A monthly rate of $2.50 per square foot is charged for storage periods less than 6 months, ideal for temporary storage needs during equipment updates or rollout preparations.
  • Long-Term Storage (≥6 months): For extended storage requirements, a monthly rate of $3.50 per square foot is applied, catering to clients needing secure, long-term storage solutions.

Discounted Options for Non-Climate-Sensitive Items:

Acknowledging that some IT components do not require climate-controlled conditions, we offer discounted storage rates for such items. This cost-effective option is suitable for storing durable equipment without specific climate or humidity requirements.

Our Commitment to Security and Care:

We are committed to providing a secure storage environment for your IT equipment. Our facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art climate control systems and around-the-clock video surveillance to protect your items from environmental factors and ensure their integrity and confidentiality, especially for sensitive items like hard drives and access keys.

Our tailored storage solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of IT equipment storage, providing a secure, controlled environment for your valuable assets. Whether your requirements are short-term during a transition phase or you need a reliable long-term storage solution, our facility is equipped to support your needs effectively and affordably. For more details on our storage rates, policies, or to discuss your specific IT equipment storage requirements, please reach out to us.