2024 Inclement Weather Policy

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At Technovary, we understand that extreme weather conditions, including winter storms, torrential rain, hurricanes, and tornado warnings, present unique challenges to our field services. Our comprehensive weather policy prioritizes the safety of our technicians, whether they are serving our direct clients or clients of our clients. This policy ensures we maintain our high service standards while adapting to various weather-related challenges.

Adaptive Approach to Extreme Weather Conditions

Our strategy is designed to be flexible and responsive to a range of extreme weather conditions:

  • Weather Monitoring: We actively track various weather forecasts, preparing for potential impacts on our scheduled services, whether it’s snow, ice, hurricanes, or other weather conditions that could impact the safety of our field techncians.
  • Empowered Decision-Making: Our technicians are trained to make safety-first decisions. This includes postponing arrivals, rescheduling appointments, or leaving sites early in response to unsafe weather conditions.
  • Real-Time Communication with Clients: Immediate updates will be provided to our clients if weather conditions necessitate schedule changes. While we aim to give as much notice as possible, we acknowledge that extreme weather can sometimes require swift decision-making.

Collaborative Communication for Site Safety

Effective communication is key to navigating extreme weather challenges:

  • Client Notifications for Site Conditions: We rely on our clients to inform us about site closures or early closings due to extreme weather. Timely communication is crucial to prevent our technicians from facing access issues after traveling to a site.
  • Site Accessibility: We ask for assistance in ensuring that service locations are accessible, which may include clearing snow, ice and other debris to ensure safe entry and exit routes before or after extreme weather events.
  • Flexible Rescheduling: We appreciate our clients' understanding and flexibility when weather conditions lead to changes in our service schedule. 

Prioritizing Technician Safety

The well-being of our technicians remains our top priority across all weather conditions:

  • Equipped for Winter Weather: Our technicians are equipped with the necessary gear to safely handle a variety of weather conditions.
  • Vehicles Prepared for Safety: Our vehicles are maintained and equipped to ensure safe travel under various weather circumstances.
  • Safety-Centric Operational Decisions: Technicians are instructed to prioritize safety, including rescheduling or departing early from sites when conditions warrant.

Ensuring Service Continuity

We strive to minimize disruptions while prioritizing safety:

  • Remote Assistance Capabilities: We offer remote support to address issues when on-site visits are impacted by extreme weather.
  • Prioritization of Urgent Services: In emergency situations, we prioritize providing service while ensuring the safety of all parties involved.

Technovary's inclement weather policy is a critical aspect of our commitment to safety and service excellence. We are prepared to adapt our operations to various weather conditions, ensuring the safety of our technicians and the communities we serve. Your cooperation and proactive communication are invaluable in helping us maintain a safe and efficient service environment under challenging weather conditions.