Technovary Field Service Area

New England MapLocal Expertise, Regional Reach, Nationwide Service Coverage

At Technovary, Our Roots Run Deep in New England

We are proud to call New England our home and primary service area. Our familiarity with the region, combined with our dedication to providing top-notch IT support, makes us a preferred partner for businesses and organizations across this historic area.

On-Site Services in the Heart of New England

Our field services radiate from our base, reaching out to encompass:

  • Massachusetts (MA): From the bustling streets of Boston to the serene landscapes of the Berkshires, we offer comprehensive on-site solutions tailored to the diverse needs of Massachusetts' businesses and institutions.

  • Connecticut (CT): In the Constitution State, our services span from the corporate hubs of Hartford to the shoreline communities, ensuring that every IT challenge is met with expertise and efficiency.

  • Rhode Island (RI): We navigate the Ocean State's unique business landscape, offering specialized IT solutions that resonate with the entrepreneurial spirit of Rhode Island.

  • New Hampshire (NH): From the tech corridors of Nashua to the scenic towns in the White Mountains, our team ensures seamless IT support that aligns with New Hampshire's dynamic business environment.

  • Vermont (VT): In the Green Mountain State, we bring our IT expertise to support the growing tech needs of businesses, from Burlington's innovative scene to the rural communities.

  • Maine (ME): In Maine, we're committed to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions that support both the thriving urban centers and the serene coastal towns.

Beyond Boundaries: Nationwide Reach on Demand

While New England is our home, our services aren't confined by geographical boundaries. We understand that your business needs can extend beyond the region. That's why we offer our services across the United States, limited only by travel feasibility.

Flexible Travel Policies for Your Convenience

At Technovary, we believe in providing solutions where you need them. Our travel policies are flexible, designed to accommodate the unique needs of each client. If your business operations extend beyond New England, or if you have branches in other states, we're ready to discuss how we can support you, keeping in mind any travel expense considerations.

Tailored Solutions, No Matter the Location

No matter where you're located, our commitment remains the same – to provide exceptional, customized IT support and solutions that drive your business forward. Whether you're in the heart of New England or beyond, Technovary is here to be your trusted IT partner.